Amoli LED TV’s

Amoli LED TV’s Model L51 AMT 32"D-LED

  • HD panel
  • Power management
  • Interface and Other Specifications
  • HDMI Display Mode
  • VGA Display Mode
  • Accessories List
AMT 32" D-LED Backlight TV Technical Specifications
Unit Technical Specifications
Item HD panel
Max Resolution   1366×768
Best Resolution   1360×768@60Hz
Pixel Pitch   0.51075mm×0.51075mm
Viewing Angle   Lo/3(Horizontal 60°Vertical 60º);CR>10(Horizontal 176°Vertical 176º)
Viewing area   697.685mm×392.256mm
Max Brightness   Min 240cd/m2,Typ 280cd/m2 (**280 panel);Min 280cd/m2,Typ 300cd/m2(**300 panel)
Max Contrast   '1200:1
Response Time   8ms
Colors   16.7M
Operating voltage   100V-240VAC 60/50Hz
Audio Power Consumption   8W+8W
Remote Area   ≥8m ±30°
Working Environment   Temperature:5℃~40℃ Humidity:10%~85% Atmospheric Pressure:86KPa~104KPa
Storage Environment   Temperature:-20℃~55℃ Humidity:5%~95% Atmospheric Pressure:86kPa~104kPa
Wall hanger   100mm×100mm
Rotation base   Nonsupport
Elevation adjustment   Nonsupport
Size:W×H×T Unpackaging size 32L31D/L32D/L33D without base:739×452×68mm with base:739×492×68mm
32L31F without base:744×454×75mm with base:744×497×75mm
32L41F without base:744×458×79mm with base:744×504×79mm
32L61F/32L51F without base:733×432×71mm with base:733×480×71mm
Packaging size 32L31D/L32D/L33D with base:930×547×160mm
32L31F/32L41F with ellipse plastic base:935×567×160mm
32L61F/32L51F with base:920×542×152mm
Weight   32L31D/L32D/L33D with ellipse plastic base - Net weight 7.0kg, Gross weight 9.0kg
32L31D/L32D/L33D with square glass base - Net weight 8.5kg, Gross weight 10.5kg
32L31F/32L41F with ellipse plastic base - Net weight 6.5kg, Gross weight 8.5kg
32L61F/32L51F with ellipse plastic base - Net weight 6.0kg, Gross weight 8.0kg
Power management
This machine in line with the EPA energy star standards, compatible with the VESA DPMS standards, see the following form:
Mode State of power indicator light Power Consumption
Normal operation   OFF ≤55W
Wall hanger   ON ≤0.5W
Interface and Other Specifications
Please refer to "T9B mainboard interface specifications and functional differences check list of each scheme"
HDMI Display Mode
Video mode
NO Mode Resolution Refresh rate
1 HD 720×480 line by line/interlacing 60Hz
2 720×576 line by line/interlacing 50Hz
3 1280×720 line by line 50Hz
4 1280×720 line by line 60Hz
5 FHD 1920×1080 line by line/interlacing 50Hz
6 1920×1080 line by line/interlacing 60Hz
Computer mode
NO Mode Resolution Refresh rate
1 FHD 720×400 70Hz
2 640×480 60Hz
3 SVGA 800×600 60Hz
4 XGA 1024×768 60Hz
5 WXGA 1360×768 60Hz
VGA Display Mode
NO Mode Resolution Refresh rate
1 VGA 720×400 70Hz
2 640×480 60Hz
3 SVGA 800×600 60Hz
4 XGA 1024×768 60Hz
5 WXGA 1360×768 60Hz
Accessories List
Base 1 (Optional)
Remote control 1
Instruction manual 1
Power cord 1 (Power cord had installed)
Wall-mounting bracket 1 (Optional)
“Models, product specifications are subject to change. Above description and images are for reference and representation purposes only”